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Your go to guys for any industrial projectsIntroduction

Claret is a startup founded by four young professionals with backgrounds in automation, mechanical engineering, and IT. Claret has an established network of partners and clients in the Turin area, in Italy’s Northwestern industrial district, and has deployed its solutions in projects all across Italy and everywhere in the world. Claret offers integrated technology ranging from artificial intelligence to low-level programming for automation to fluid dynamics simulation, aerodynamic optimization, and mechanical design in a rapidly deployable and cost-effective all-in-one suite of services. Claret is an industry-agnostic company as its peculiar approach and advanced design techniques fit any sector, having brought disruptive results to satisfied customers in the automotive, manufacturing & tooling, biomedical, and textile industries.

Our productsEngineering services tailored to your business


Unleash the power of machine learning algorithmsMachine Learning

Whether you want to implement neural-network-based algorithms to optimize your inventory and logistics, to develop more advanced manufacturing procedures, or just to employ predictive maintenance techniques, Claret can rapidly deploy tailored solutions to unleash the power of artificial intelligence at an industrial scale.


Automation enginnering made easyAutomation Engineering

We can code in most of the programming languages that are commonly used in the industrial sector, this enables us to supply software for various hardware platforms such as microcontrollers, PCs, and industrial CPUs. Best practices such as the use of lower-level languages like SCL/ST, enable us to program much faster than what the standards applied by the main players in the current industrial scene allow.


Integrated design from the ground upMechanical Engineering

The purpose of this project is the development and the production of an innovative assisted ventilation device, aimed at tackling the COVID-19 health emergency spreading across the world. Built with off-the-shelf and low-cost components, our project is entirely developed following an open-source philosophy.


A low-cost, open-source response to the pandemicOpenBreath

The purpose of this project is the development and the production of an innovative assisted ventilation device, aimed at tackling the COVID-19 health emergency spreading across the world. Built with off-the-shelf and low-cost components, our project is entirely developed following an open-source philosophy.


Reinventing mechanical ventilationAdvanced Lung Ventilator

We are currently working on a state-of-the-art artificial ventilator, drawing from the experience we gained while working on the Open breath Project. This device will be able to provide advanced artificial ventilation modes to patients at a fraction of the cost of commercially available machines.


Reducing emissions, one driver at a timeCarIO

CarIO is a smart monitoring service that gathers real-time data about vehicle usage and predicts the environmental impact of its usage through AI techniques. Benefits from computed “eco-scores” include improved user awareness, emission reduction, and rewards.

Product developmentWe're ready to give shape to your idea!

We have a varied skillset and can deploy our specialists to quickly deliver your project at each stage of development, whether you need a feasibility study, a preliminary design, prototyping, or a production-ready product. We have completed projects across the whole spectrum of manufacturing sectors. Our diverse background, flexible attitude, and expertise let us innovate and complete even the most demanding product development projects. Our peculiar skills allow us to tailor the design around your needs while staying within your budget.

We offer integrated Product Design and styling services. In this way, the client has to interface with only one service provider thus reducing costs, potential conflicts, and time-to-market.
The mechanical design of the products is produced directly in house. We can follow our clients during any step of mechanical design, from preliminary design to simulation and manufacturing, Claret is your go-to partner for reliable, quickly developed designs.
Our experience in software development allows us to integrate hardware and software at the lowest level.
We can select the right technology to bring your idea to market rapidly and within the deadlines.

Our amazing guys!Team

We are a young and ambitious team that has been operating for years in many industrial sectors, such as automotive, textile, and even healthcare. The experience gained in designing both hardware and software solutions for different fields allows us to provide tailored solutions for many clients. We have worked successfully both in Italy and abroad, seeking customer satisfaction through efficiency, punctuality, and flexibility.


Gabriel D'Anselmo

Gabriel has been involved for years in the development of complex automated systems for the manufacturing sector. From the design of embedded devices to the employment of commercial state-of-the art industrial automation technology Gabriel is the go-to guy for your every automation project.


Patrizio Cavarretta

Patrizio is an automotive engineer specialized in aerodynamics and multiphysics simulation. He has been involved, among other things, in the development of many hypercar projects. Covering multiple aspect of the design, from simulation, to validation and mechanical design.

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