State-of-the-art Machine Learning Algorithms

Our Methodology

Our approach is based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms that enables us to deliver high-end solutions to your problems. Machine learning enhanced algorithms have proven time and time again to be vastly superior to traditional, non-adaptive approaches. Whether you want to implement neural-network-based algorithms to optimize your inventory and logistics, to develop more advanced manufacturing procedures, or just to employ predictive maintenance techniques, Claret can rapidly deploy tailored solutions to unleash the power of artificial intelligence at the industrial scale.

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Our Services

Industry Focused Services


Energy Saving

We will bring your machines to state of the art level of performance through the application of industrial best practices.

Predictive maintenance

Over the years we designed and built a variety of hydraulic and electrical open-loop and closed-loop controls for different industries.

Inventory Optimization

All our applications are compliant with relevant industry 4.0 standards and follow related best practices.

Enhanced Robotics

We place the operator at the center of our projects with user-friendly interfaces, developed following the feedback of our customers.

Quality Control

Efficient design of electrical layouts is vital for the life cycle of the line. We will design and provide custom control panels for every industrial need. 

Automatic Process Control

We offer enduring remote support on our machines. Remote support is faster, cheaper and often more reliable than traditional, on-site assistance.