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State-of-the-art Machine Learning AlgorithmsMachine Learning

We employ state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms thatenable us to deliver high-end solutions to your problems.

Machine Learning(ML) has proven time and time again to be vastly superior in terms ofeffectiveness and generalizability to traditional, non-adaptiveapproaches.

Whether you want to implement an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) basedalgorithm to optimize your inventory and logistics, to develop moreadvanced manufacturing procedures, reduce consumption of resources, or toemploy predictive maintenance techniques, Claret can deploy tailoredsolutions to unleash the power of artificial intelligence at an industrialscale.

We can rapidly implement state-of-the-art Deep Learning methodologies,such as Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) and Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN) for regression and classification tasks, or Deep ReinforcementLearning (Deep RL) for tackling advanced optimization problems.

We have experience in adopting the most powerful and common open-sourcelibraries like TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch.

Claret follows an agnosticapproach to machine learning algorithms, helping clients harness the powerof big data and AI in their industrial applications and productdevelopment alike.

We designed, developed, and deployed artificial intelligence algorithmsfor image recognition, natural language processing, and data analytics.Claret has a longstanding commitment to increasing the adoption ofArtificial Intelligence Technology in Turin and the Piedmont region.

Our main services



We develop fully customized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, building, where necessary, the entire training process according to client specifications.


Computer Vision

We can enhance our machine vision algorithms with ML models to respond to the most demanding industrial application.

We can also supply


Cognitive Robotics

Cognitive robotics is the future of manufacturing. We can develop robots that learn from their environment shifting the focus of robotics from “how to perform a task” to “what to do”.


Predictive Maintenance

We can deploy sensors on machinery and gather useful data to predict servicing needs and provide insights on the lifespan of the line.


Ai for Business Intelligence

From market demand prediction and inventory optimization to energy consumption reduction, our Machine Learning algorithms will interpret your data and provide solutions to your needs.


Natural Language Processing

We have developed algorithms for the processing of natural languages. NLP can provide all kinds of information about written data such as sentiment analysis, topic extraction, document classification.


Object Detection

Through object detection, we can locate target objects with great precision whether in stills or video frames.


Machine Vision Layout

We will design your machine vision setup from the ground up choosing among the best image acquisition devices, lighting systems, and lenses.


Object Classification

Our algorithms are able not only to locate different objects in a frame but also to recognize and classify them correctly according to a predefined set of categories that suits your needs.


Feature Recognition

Whether it is about the smaller-scale patterns occurring in an image or a trend happening in a time-series stream of data, we can deploy algorithms to recognize them successfully.

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