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If you can think it we can make itCustom Mechanical Design

We employ best practices in CAD/CAM design and simulation.

From product preliminary design, through the development and even industrialization for small production runs, our team can deliver any kind of mechanical design.

We have a varied skillset and can rapidly deploy our specialists to quickly deliver your project at each development stage.

Through the years we have constructed a network of trusted partners that can help us speed up the development process by providing a variety of prototyping, reverse engineering, and manufacturing services with little to no lead time.

Our expertise has been built following the strict standard and requirements of the automotive industry.

We’re based in Turin at the heart of the Italian automotive district, and in our young history, we worked with major manufacturers, boutique car makers, internationally renowned car designers, and racing teams.Even though our mechanical skill set revolves around the automotive sector, we have completed projects across the whole spectrum of manufacturing sectors.

Our diverse background, flexible attitude, and expertise let us innovate and complete even the most demanding product development projects by reaching perfect integration between mechanical design and software.

Our peculiar skills allow us to tailor the design around your needs while staying within your budget.

Our designs are generally modeled using Dassault Systemes’ CATIA, an industry-standard software employed by all major manufacturers.

At the client’s request, we can discuss whether to use different solutions to cater to particular needs.


Bespoke multiphysics simulations for your designsSimulation

We offer a solid array of multiphysics simulation solutions.

Simulations can be employed for a wide variety of reasons, they can help your organization validate and optimize design ideas before testing them or going into production thereby reducing costs and speeding up the development and industrialization processes.

We provide a variety of simulation services.

We employed finite element analysis in various fields including but not limited to computational fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and even magnetostatics.

We also developed coupled-physics analysis models for pretesting and validation of different industrial designs determining flow-induced vibrations and simulating fluid flow with heat transfer.

Our team has participated, at various levels, in the aerodynamic design, testing, and optimization of both production and racing vehicles, in the design and validation of battery packs for electric mobility, and in the simulation of permanent magnet based levitation.

We normally employ a set of open-source packages such as OpenFOAM, which have proven time and time again to be fast, precise, and economically viable solutions for most applications.

At the request of the customer or for special needs, we can use commercial solvers and preprocessors to match exotic requests.

Our main services


Computational Fluid Dynamics

We have a decade-long experience in aerodynamics simulation and optimization for the automotive and motorsport sectors.


Aerodynamic Optimization

We will accompany your design time in optimizing the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle.


Machinery Design

We can design machines for many manufacturing processes in different fields, such as the healthcare and textile sectors.


Product Design and Development

We can develop your project at any stage. We feature an in-house development team for industrial design.

We can also supply...



We are specialized in CAD design. We employ state-of-the-art software and best practices to deliver easy-to-manufacture designs to the client.



We’re ready to provide fast and reliable tool paths for a variety of milling stations.


Feasibility Studies

We perform feasibility studies to provide the client with an assessment of costs and expected performance before resources are committed.


Prototyping and Test Runs

We perform feasibility studies to provide the client with an assessment of costs and expected performance before resources are committed.



We can coordinate tests of designs with specialized laboratories to verify compliance with relevant directives and standards.


Small Scale Industrialization

We provide industrialization and manufacturing solutions to scale up the potential of your idea.


Manuals and Documentation

We provide our clients with precise manuals and thorough documentation compliant with the relevant standards of the sector.



We can perform stress analysis on parts and assemblies to validate our designs or analyze third-party projects.



We have a decade-long experience in aerodynamics simulation and optimization for the automotive and motorsport sectors.


Additive Manufacturing

We are pioneers in employing additive manufacturing techniques like FDM, STL and even DLP.

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