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Keep track of your metrics, wherever you areMonitoring

We build integrated solutions for data acquisition, logging, and real-time visualization that are fully compliant with industry 4.0 standards.

We can gather data from machines and devices that already feature a compatible I/O or we can set up a distributed I/O system for data acquisition to retrofit older models.

We are comfortable with the most popular protocols such as Profibus, ProfiNet, and Ethernet, but we can also set up wireless IoT solutions that work over IWLAN and LoRaWAN.We can build custom dashboards that display production metrics, error codes, key performance indicators (KPIs), and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data.

Relevant metrics will be defined in close connection with your team to tailor the final product to your needs.

Our dashboards can be hosted on servers at your premises or on the cloud and can be easily accessed through easy-to-read web apps from anywhere in the world.

We can set up an automated report generation system to keep track of metrics and deploy an alert system to keep you up to date on relevant events happening on the line whether you are on the factory floor or across the globe.

If needed, we can interface our monitoring system with your ERP and connect it to our Claret Suite predictive and automated quality control system.

An efficient remote monitoring system can reduce machine downtime and provide valuable insights on how to optimize production and resource usage, it is also useful as a means to reduce resource consumption.

A well-designed data logging and visualization system is paramount to comply with the Industry 4.0 standard.Our expertise is mostly focused on the component manufacturing sector with many happy clients in the Turin area, the technology can, however, be easily scaled and ported to other sectors such as agritech, textile, chemical, and financial industries.

Our main services


Industry 4.0

All our applications are compliant with relevant industry 4.0 standards and follow related best practices.


Cloud Dashboards

Monitor your production from anywhere in the world, stay in contact with your consultants at a fraction of the price.

We can also supply...


Automated Reports

We can set up the infrastructure to create neat production reports to keep track of manufacturing, whether on the field or at the office.


Energy Monitoring

An energy monitoring software solution means saving money and reducing environmental impact.



We can set up a system of multi-platform real-time alerts to keep you updated, even if you are across the world.


Data Acquisition

If needed we can integrate acquired data and performance logs into your ERP software database.

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