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We have been operating for years in many industrial automation sectors. We have worked successfully both in Italy and abroad, seeking customer satisfaction through efficiency, punctuality, and flexibility. Best practices such as the use of lower-level languages like SCL/ST, enable us to program much faster than the main market players, which employ conventional technologies. We have delivered projects across the whole spectrum of manufacturing sectors. Our diverse background, flexible attitude and expertise let us innovate and complete even the most demanding bespoke automation projects. Our peculiar skills allow us to tailor the design around your needs at a very competitive price. Furthermore, our team features a member of the Italian register of Innovation Managers that can help you kickstart your business’ digital transformation.

Our Services

Industry Focused Services

Energy Monitoring

An energy monitoring software solution means saving money and reducing environmental impact.

Remote Support

We offer enduring remote support on our machines. Remote support is faster, cheaper and often more reliable than traditional, on-site assistance.

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Automated Reports

Create neat production reports to keep track of manufacturing, whether on the field or at the office.

Computer Vision

Reduce machine downtime and production waste by improving quality control with our all-in-one computer vision solutions.

Cloud Dashboard

Monitor your production from anywhere in the world, stay in contact with your consultants at a fraction of the price.

Machine Learning

The adoption of advanced Machine Learning techniques allow you to optimize and increase the efficiency of your processes.

Plug and play solutions for your every need

We provide deep expertise in motion control. Over the years we have designed and built a variety of hydraulic and electrical open-loop and closed-loop systems for different industries. From hydraulic actuators to complex interpolated robot arm applications we bring our customers precise control with strong synchronization and extremely tight tolerances.

We understand that the efficient design of machine electrical layouts for each application is vital for the life cycle of the line. The choice of the right strategy to connect the controllers to sensors, motors, and actuators is essential to guarantee persisting performance, maintenance access, and upgradability. We strive to provide the best solution for each job, whether involving direct wiring to the controller ports, the use of in-cabinet distributed I/O systems or compact, rugged modules to be
mounted outside the cabinet, even on moving parts.

We place the operator at the center of our projects. The adoption of user-friendly interfaces, designed with usability in mind, means increased efficiency, workplace safety and lower training times. Safety is further improved by the use of state-of-the-art security systems, which do not affect operability in any way but drastically reduces the possibility of accidents. We are also aware of the importance of proper user management, this can be done either by entering traditional passwords or by using hardware keys. These devices can guarantee access to the machine settings to authorized personnel or allow activation to certain users only.

All our applications are compliant with the relevant industry 4.0 standards and follow their best practices. We are able to provide distributed control and analysis systems through proprietary software and SQL servers, but, at the discretion of the customer, we can interface with alternative commercial software. Interoperability is ensured by using popular communication protocols and interfaces. All of our design processes are documented for compliance with product lifecycle guidelines. We are also pioneers in implementing additive manufacturing techniques in our work.

We offer complete remote support on our machines. Remote support brings many advantages over traditional, on-site assistance. It allows us to respond within hours to our clients’ problems even if the machine is located overseas and/or in remote areas, drastically reducing machine downtime and assistance costs. Troubleshooting operations are extremely secure as they are completely supervised by the customer and are performed over VPNs through routers switched on site by the operator, this means that the remote support service is offline during normal operation, unless explicitly required by the client. Online support can also be used, when possible, to upgrade the machine or to provide up to date diagnostics.

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